kingjameswriter1965 #conspiracy

Look at this video. Chemtrails are the reason for all the unusual weather we’ve been having lately. I live on the East Coast but I’m sure any one of you has seen these crisscrossing trails in the sky in your locality. You probably also saw how silvery the sky looks in the mornings, and how the sun looks like it’s dimmer and clouded over. This is because the powers that be are using “geoengineering” to control the weather! Don’t brush me off, you know it’s the truth!

I can’t help but think that since the earth is already under God’s curse and over the thousands of years that humans have been alive, that since we are sinners, we will do anything to corrupt and ruin everything that God made. Pollution is just a minor cause of the weird weather; try looking up “chemtrails,” the HAARP in Alaska or any other such weather modifications.

GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX!! Fact is, the weather is being purposely changed so that millions of people will die and the Illuminists will get their satanic wish for global (or rather, world) depopulation.



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