Nilli #fundie

Unfortunately I paid money to watch Watchmen.... I am 22 years old and most people my age (well lately its just most people) think its a little weird that I will not watch movies that are rated R. But my husband wanted to see Watchmen and from the previews I thought it might be okay. I was so disappointed! The movie was filled with violence for one thing but also I thought "why in the world do we need to see naked characters all the time!" And you may find this amusing but I wont let my husband watch sex scenes (of course I don't watch them either) so we covered our eyes. Alot! I just kept wondering what has happened to society that this kinda movie is acceptable? Also violence upsets me and I cover my eyes not to have those images stick in my head. So I think all in all I had my eyes cover for at least half the movie. I also didn't think the movie was that good in general. As we left the theater I remarked to my husband that I didn't think the movie would have done very well without all the graphic violence and nudity to interest people. I said it with a sigh. The world is starting to worry me now that I am old enough to pay attention to what is going on.



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