Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D. #fundie

Albert Swearenegen:

Your running away from a simple Biblical discussion, with your tail between your legs, is rather telling relative to your Biblical ignorance. Even more so is your condemnation of Biblical rebuke as done by the preacher boy in the OP, and by so many other street preachers, including yours truly! In fact, the T-man was preaching for the past three day to high school students in the disgustingly sinful California. Have you ever tried doing that? I think NOT! I bet you wouldn't last two minutes of standing on top of your car or van parked near a pagan secular high school and preaching to a bunch of arrogant, candya$$ whimps who do not have the parents or pastors to put a boot up their behinds and explain them what awaits them if they don't come Jesus.

To put it bluntly, it is those like you, who avoid "offending" pagans by calling a spade a spade, or "offending" harlots by calling them such, or "offending" some parents by explaining the horrors of hell to their children, or "offending" some lieberals by telling them that Jesus hates (Ps. 5:5) the unSaved, that are screwing it up for everyone! The Christian can only encourage you to read the Christian Bible, AV 1611, and accept ALL that it says in it's full historical-grammatical context! That would include the "harsh language" of John 8:44, Matthew 23, Ezekiel 23, and many others. Also it would include our Jesus KILLING those that displease Him with hemorrhoids, smiting people to death, being "mean" to the lebidisian and the sodomite in Romans 1, and aborting babies! Yes, I am talking about Him as the God of both the New AND the Old Testaments. Praise Him and His love for His true followers, His children!

The Christian will leave you with some food for thought:

Just maybe in the aftermath, you will do some serious Bible study and will be able to proverbially run with the "big dogs" relative to preaching the Word of the Christian Bible.

In the name of our Savior,
Brother T


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