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This is a decision I applaud, especially with respect to Jamal Brennan, the America-hating, communist who converted to the totalitarian Islamonazi ideology and psychotic death cult while serving as CIA Station Chief in Saudi Barbaria, and who was the premier fart catcher for his co-religionist, the Marxist, Kenyan-Indonesian turd pile who defiled the White House for eight years.

It’s equally deserved for Samira Rice, another one of the many fart catchers and rectum cleaners for the Kenyan-Indonesian who notoriously peddled the falsehood that an obscure anti-Islamonazi video viewed by dozens of people on YouTube was responsible for the well planned attack carried out by North African jihadi Koranimals on 9/11/12 against the US Consulate General in Benghazi that resulted in the assassination of Amb. Chris Stevens and three of his American bodyguards. Rice is also the unindicted future felon who unmasked the identities of Trump campaign officials that the treasonous Kenyan illegally used intelligence resources (including Islamonazi POS Jamal Brennan) to spy upon.



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