caseypayne1980 #fundie

Here's the kicker if the evolution scientist thinks 2 + 2 = 7. Seven being millions of years ago, then that scientist is going to work in a biased manner to get his answer and create equations to get it. So he can say after many many many test, (unaccurate ones) I believe yes things are millions of years old. And they believer there hitting the bulleye since all there tests go the same way, even if there throwing darts at the floor and the bullseye is on the wall. Creationist looks at the bible and say hey 2 + 2 = 4. Uses data based on this and comese out to a closer opinion. Lasty, remember if something goes against God and the bible it's an abonination, a false religion. Yes, science can be a false religion if you believe in it without your own study and believe in the scientist with faith. Oh the key word faith that people make fun of Christians for, this is the same for those that believe scientist without there own study.



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