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[emphasis added]

No true Christian should ever be surprised by the godless actions of our wicked culture which is simply the Western Civilization expression of Satan's world system. This same culture that disrespects the Creator-endowed distinctions in the roles and functions of men and women in the family, church and government (for example, by disrespecting its precious daughters by allowing them to serve in the military) is the same culture that disrespects the Creator-endowed distinctiveness and exclusivity of marriage.

Wake up Christians and read your Bibles without the egalitarian, Western Civilization, 21st-century, evolutionistic bias taught you by this godless culture. Take the message of your Bibles literally because it is still fully relevant today. Don't explain its precepts away by simply saying "Things are done differently now." Things are done differently now because we have departed from thinking and acting biblically. We must get back to the Bible. Start now with you and then begin to prayerfully influence your family and those around you.



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