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Women want men to be delusionally confident

Why do women they say they like "confidence"?

It's not because they find "confidence" to be sexually attractive.

Women want men to be delusionally "confident" about their sexual attractiveness, for manipulation purposes.

If you see pictures of couples that are mismatched, with the woman being better looking that the man, there might be a mismatch between the facial expressions between them. Often the woman will have an fake smile and the men will have a big genuine smile.

A good example is JebusNormalFa6.


The woman had a fake smile. Take note on her eyes. There is no expression of any smile in her eyes. In contrast the man had a genuine proud smile on his face. The man is proud of what he believes that he has a beautiful wife who is mutually attracted to him as much as he is to her.

But several months later, the woman confessed that she was unfaithful and cheated on him with a white man.

Keep in mind that the man makes a decent $60,000 a year, twice as much as the median worker earns. The man takes her out to trips and buys her gifts.

And the woman claims that she likes how his face looks.

Back to the main question: Do women want her partner to be delusionally confident?


She want the man to believe that she is sexually attracted to him as much as he is attracted to him. She wants to "make him happy".

She wants to "make him happy". She wants to do everything in her power to stop him knowing the truth, to "make him happy". She wants to do everything to make him believe that he is good-looking, even lie to him, to "make him happy". Women want their partners to be delusionally confident about their sexual attractiveness, to "make him happy".

But in reality, by "making him happy", it's used as a cover up to hide her true feelings towards the man. She probably longs for the days she was single and was able to get fucked by Chads. She is probably frustrated by the fact that she settled for second-rate man that she is not actually attracted to, for the money and family. She wants to hide the fact that the man that she is currently with is inferior compared to her ex-boyfriends, let alone her Chad fuckbuddies.

She will lie that she is sexually attracted to him, to make him "feel confident". She will fake the smile in pictures of him and her, to make him "feel confident".

Making him feel delusionally "confident" is a cover-up to conceal her true feelings towards him.

If he knows her true feelings, he will lose his delusional confidence. Then he will stop taking her out to dates and spend money on her. The man will not beta provide for her if he loses his delusional confidence.

This is why women want men to be delusionally confident.

Other pictures of mismatched couples. Take note on the differences of the facial expressions between the men and the women. The women seem to have a fake smiles. The men seem to have truly happy smiles.



All of the men are probably beta provider slaves.

See this message posted by a woman on a social media site:


Take note on his sentence:

"I decided to give him a chance because he had a good personality and was confident."

Why did she mention that she likes his confidence?

It's not because his confidence was SEXUALLY attractive. No. She actually admitted that she was not sexually attracted to him in her message. His confidence was not SEXUALLY attractive to her, yet she says she likes his "confidence."


It's because she likes how he was delusionlly confident about his sexually attractiveness. Therefore it would be easily for her to hide her true feelings for him and manipulate him to do favors for her. She has actual romantic feelings for another guy that she is actually detracted to, see the below message:


It is a fact that women have true romantic feelings only towards the men they are attracted to.

She had true romantic feelings towards another man that she is actually sexually attracted to, even though she was in a relationship with the beta! He liked the delusional "confidence" in the beta only because his delusional "confidence" makes it easier for her to cover up her true feelings to manipulate him.

Women say that they prefer "confidence" not because they find it sexually attractive, but because they like delusionally confident men. Delusionally confident men are easy for her to manipulate. That's the reason.

Women are attracted to men who are fearless and risk-taking, but that's different from "confidence". Women do not use "confidence" in the same sense as being fearless. What women mean by "confidence" is being delusionally confident about one's sexual attractiveness. Otherwise women will just say that they like men who are "fearless" or "risk-taking." But they usually say that they want a man with "confidence", in the sense of being delusionally confident about one's sexually attractiveness.

This is also the reason why women lie about not liking classically handsome men.



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