Anna Diehl #fundie

Here’s what makes the prophetic calling possible to succeed in: you don’t have to please people, you just to have to please God. Very happily for us, God doesn’t hold His prophets responsible for how well their messages are received. If you blow us off, that’s all on you. And if we’re just another batch of delusional fruitcakes, then clearly no harm will come to you for blowing us off. In fact, you really should discount everything we say if we’re not accurately speaking for God, because He’s the only Source of truth. If our rendition of the end times is nothing more than a figment of our own demented imaginations, then you should run far and fast away from us. You really don’t want to be hanging out with folks who use the phrase “God says” as often we as do unless they’re using it correctly because when that lightning strikes us, you don’t want it nailing you as well. If we’re just putting words in God’s mouth that He never said, then it’s only a matter of time until He takes us down, and you should be cheering when He does. If we’re accurately predicting the end times, then just imagine all of the fun we won’t have when we’re getting interrogated up one side and down the other by really angry people who are looking for someone to blame their problems on. You see, there is no glory for prophets who are actually obeying God. He has a way of pinning His guys into no-win situations which prevent them from raking in any glory when He does what He says He’s going to do. And why should they? Glory is for God, not humans.



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