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The importance of these finds, some around 4000 years old, is that there were Aryans in this region in ancient times. This gives credence to the occult legend that when Atlantis sank the Manu of the Aryans led them into the Gobi Desert where a vast and mighty civilisation was built. This was eventually destroyed by a catastrophe, and is long before these later peoples existed.


In certain Aryan Indian texts the most ancient 'White Island' was actually referred to as Atala whose root is At-al (-a) meaning 'race' or family'. This is a coincidence when we find the earlier name Albion ('white') used for England. Although we refer to the White Island as being Thule-Hyperborea originally, which 'sank' (into another dimension) in the most ancient times at the end of the Golden Age, the same concept was later used of other Germanic Lands and Cultures that arose, including that of the much later Atalland. The name of the original Ur-Lands was used long after its memory had faded, but also remained in the Blood Memory that can be awoken.

If we look at it this way then the Golden Age still exists but in a different world than ours; it 'sank' into the Blood Memory which means that it can be awoken again through certain spiritual exercises. This is where the legend of the new arising of Atlantis comes into play since although this may be a physical happening, it is also symbolic of the awakening of the Blood Memory.

The Aryan Wanderings are held in legend where a Race of Giants appears in various parts of the world, bringing culture and civilisation, the lore of the stars and advanced Aryan Science to many different peoples. In some cases these 'giants' were slaughtered by the native peoples, even though the tales tell only of their aid and help to these peoples. But there have always been those who hate that which holds beauty and high intelligence, and those less well gifted who become jealous and hold only hatred within their hearts. This Race of Giants no longer exists but it once did, and the memory of these advanced beings, god like Shining-Ones, exists within the Blood of our Folk, to be awakened in order that the new Golden Age may come into being.



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