Bon, From the Land of Babble #racist

We Whites growing up in the late 60s and early 70s were bombarded with not only Erlich’s odious messages and that of the feminists as well who told us a “woman’s place was in the workplace competing with men, NOT chained to a stove OR husband OR (God Forbid) screaming brats.”

The truly evil part of this was there that was absolutely NO counterbalance to this advocacy that Whites should limit the size of their families, or better yet stop having children altogether.

Those who didn’t live through it have no idea how pervasive Erlich and the feminists’ messages were to the White youth of America, it was everywhere. I recall as a young female bragging with all of my friends that we were NEVER going to have children because they impeded OUR lifestyle, dragged us down — along with ruining the planet. Our goal would be to remain child-free!!

No White churches countered this message. No White politicians exposed these lies against White people. No White academics were brave enough to challenge this.

I heard NO opposition anywhere at any time — only the mantra that Whites should stop reproducing because WE and WE alone were ruining the planet for everyone.

Looking back, I cannot think of or imagine a more evil message to blast to White youth that of their own extinction.

I have two children, BTW.



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