kingjameswriter1965 #fundie

People are so into the Earth and how to save it from our own destructive tendencies. Let me say now, the Earth is in no danger. There is no global warming. There is no shortage of trees. There certainly is no valid reason for animal rights, because whatever God created and made, He preserves exactly the way they were created and made. There is no reason whatsoever to preserve the Earth because GOD ALMIGHTY is doing just fine with it. Whatever man puts his hand to, he destroys.

People hate God, so they take Him out of the equation and stick in New Age garbage that’s become a plague throughout all the world. The unsaved delight in propagating lies about New Age and becoming gods because they KNOW God will have the final word, and they HATE IT. That`s why there’s so many false religions out there, to DECEIVE YOU into thinking YOU have the power to change WITHOUT the Lord Jesus Christ! You’re being indoctrinated with New World Order lies and propaganda! And you’re going to sit there and tell me, “It’s good to ‘go green.'” Okay, your choice.

All those who take part in the New World Order will surely be destroyed. So much for the Earth.



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