ManicDipshit #sexist

It’s not just attraction, women just seem insanely happy even being around good looking men

It’s one thing to say women are more attracted to good looking men, but the fact is being around these guys makes their eyes light up and their smiles wider than anything else in life. It’s brutal to see, it doesn’t even matter what the guy does, they’re just so insanely happy to be around him, they can’t stop giggling or staring up at them (yes, up).

They can’t stop giggling, they do that thing where they tilt their head back and their mouth is agape while they laugh, it’s like pure ecstasy for them just being in the presence of an attractive male. This isn’t something that shouldnt just bother incels either, even normie tier men (if they had any self awareness) have tons of situations where they might be dating or married to a girl and a good looking guy comes around and the entire attitude of the girl changes. The guy makes her happier in a few seconds than she seems to have ever been in her life. Fuck it hurts bad.



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