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Re: Study finds that sex makes life more meaningful

S-sex doesn’t matter. Not gonna fix you bro! Can’t y’all be fulfilled with hobbies?

It's legitfuel to punch a normie for saying shit in your face.

and the people who say that usually have been dating since their teen years. cuz to them its the new baseline.

regular sex definitely isn’t the baseline for people who’ve been in serious long term relationships. just look at dead bedrooms

It is the norm for successful relationships.

The was one of the biggest misnomers I had about marriage, but the sex actually stays frequent and awesome if you have a partner who's fun and compatible - even after 10+ years.

Typically the go to put down of the typical reddit degenerate club sluts who fuck guy after guy. Stay in REALLY dysfunctional relationships and are the kind of women who are literally NEVER off their phones. To the point you honestly wonder what the fuck they are talking about. The kind of people who would probably commit suicide if you locked them in a room without their phone for a day.

Mods, genuinely sticky this.

Lurking normies and IT users (I've seen your comments on meme posts, don't you dare avoid the actual blackpills), what's your take on this?

Lurking normie here. I think it makes total sense. I think having intimate, meaningful and fulfilling sex can make you feel more complete as a person. It's one of the deepest and most vulnerable acts you can share with someone, and knowing that you understand a person well enough to make them happy in that way and satisfy them goes a long way to feeling accepted and more whole as an individual.

It's quite figuratively one of the foundations of Maslow's heirarchy of needs and is thought to thereby be necessarily met to fulfill higher tier aspirations. That's not to say you cannot move up without one of these foundational needs met, but you are operating less optimally compared to someone who has their physiological house in order.

Lurking normie

Yep I’m not usually depressed, i just wouldn’t describe myself as really happy. However, if I go without sex with someone for around a month, I get extremely depressed and it affects many aspects of my life. So yeah, it’s sort of like money, having it is no biggie, but not having it is a huge deal.

Also to note: There are a couple people who continually hit me up for sex at the moment, and now I’m basically asexual. If I didn’t have that, I’d probably feel unfulfilled and try way harder to pursue it. Funny and stupid how our heads work

Dude this article is on point. I'd lose my mind without sex minimum once a week. I still lose my mind

Not to mention after sex I feel like I just injected heroin. I know what that's like. It's better to achieve this feeling with sex, trust me.

It's the feeling that the entire world is ok and nothing matters at all. It's nice.

And what about those who don't get shit? What are we going to do about it? Ever thought of that? Is it fair that some people need to suffer in solitude and misery while others are happy?



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