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(Note: Combined quotes from multiple posts)

I know you can see the planets with a telescope, but like I said, God didn't create them, and therefore they aren't what you think…

History is different than you think. One clue is the 2023 years are actually 283 years…

What part of that do you think doesn't make sense? Jesus did say he's coming soon. 2000+ years doesn't seem like soon as much as 300 years give or take several years or so, does it?

…Revelation was written around 92 AD and then that was the last part of the Bible. All the things about the Catholic Church and so on are fake. Catholicism was created not too long ago.

I'm not verging into solipsism, and I have no ego. >_> What would convince me is if you could land a plane on a ball moving at 1,000 km/h + 107,000 km/h + 792,000 km/h throughout space with only 9.80665 m/s/s acceleration.



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