Richard Conaway #fundie

(In response to: Does the multiverse exist because of Jesus’s death and resurrection? Did he made quantum immortality possible?)

probably. the quantum mechanic of schrodinger’s cat sort of explains a passage in the bible of revelations and somewhat explains how and why god is omnipotent. in the second white throne judgement every man woman and child’s work will be tested with flame and the good shall endure whereas the wicked acts shall be devoured and destroyed by flame in essence the same yes or no present in divergent parallel universes in quantum physics, a yes for a no, a positive for a negative. similarly since god is present across ALL quantum parallel realms or universes unlike us who are only singularly present bits and pieces of our true selves this means that he sees all in sum total and he therefore knows all. god does mention that he is above time and space so those quantum dimensional walls would not obscure his vision.



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