Metapedia #conspiracy

Some figures in the alternative media such as Alan Watt and Alex Jones have focused in their works on the deliberate feminisation of Western men through chemical polution of the food and water supplies. The primary aim of this is to increase the levels of estrogen and reduce testosterone in men; one of the side-effects of this, including a general feminisation can be the growth of "man-boobs" (gynaecomastia); an actual transsexual morphing of the male body against the will or consent of the general public.

This is a conspiracy to destroy European genetics, to turn men into degenerate liberal betas, instead of virile fascistic alphas, making them more passive to foreign invasion and laying down to the scheming ways of the plutocracy. The offending chemicals include bisphenol A, uranium, fluoride and lithium; you can counter the conspiracy by only drinking filtered tap water, eating organic foods where possible (no GMO pesticide soaked garbage, support your local farmer's market), avoiding processed foods and drinks contained in plastic and cans (including bottled water), keeping alchohol intake to a minimum, taking regular cardio exercise and even taking estrogen suppressing/testosterone enhancing supplements used by body-builders (these can be purchased at online health stores).



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