NicholasMarks #fundie

Its the twin dimensional universe you need to get upset about, not me, because it will dictate all our fates. The accurate teaching of Jesus Christ is all we need follow if we want the fruits he offers...which are, repair, resurrection and everlasting life...because when we get the science right we get the benefits of that science right.

We have established that clashes between these two dimensions created gravity and the higgs fields and all nuclear properties. Everywhere there is a friction-point between these two dimensional states there is an imploding portal and the portal that I am most concerned, as far as humanity is concerned, is the portal that lies within the healthy living-cell, because without proper care and attention, it can turn nasty and preventing it turning nasty should be our number one concern...and unless we follow Jesus Christ accurately we instigate the triggers that causes our own living-cells to misbehave, sometimes in the most appalling ways. So, you see, as objectionable as you find my comments, you have got to comply with them if you want what many Christians have died for.

Though you might ridicule, CERN, and other authoritative bodies, have their own harmful take on these matters, which is costing trillions of pounds/dollars and which will induce God's wrath much quicker than is neccessary.



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