The Big Mick #fundie

What I want is a “How they did it” manual on how The Founders organized a revolution.
And I don’t think we are going to get a TRUE version of the early Son’s of Liberty movement because they broke stuff, burned things down and beat the….stuffing…out of Tyrant Enablers.
We are too deep in our Denial to admit how flat down VIOLENT MEAN and RIGHTLY SO, our Forefathers were.
We don’t want to be righteously enraged and take it OUT on the people who deserve it.
We have self-neutered.
Bottom line, folks, when you are WILLING to beat your Tyrant Enabling Neighbor with a club, about the head and shoulders severely, until he LEAVES the country to AVOID dying, your Sacred Liberties will have a chance to survive.
As long as you remain UNWILLING to physically HURT him you have no chance.
THAT is the lesson of the Founders

Washington, upon hearing the news of Lexington and Concord at Mt. Vernon, wrote to a friend:
“The once happy and peaceful plains of America are now to be either drenched in blood, or inhabited by slaves, sad alternative, but can a Virtuous Man Hesitate in his choice?”
Our Founders KILLED their fellow Citizens for their Sacred Liberty, if you are not willing to do the same you will have none and will have squandered their legacy.



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