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Climate Change is a deception born of Satan on several levels. The first level is that the green movement works tirelessly to convince people that they have the power to control the climate, to either change it for the worse or for the better. The green movement is trying to make Man, God. This has always been an attractive deception to men.

The path Man should follow is to acknowledge God as the creator of all that is seen and seen, and to love him with all our heart, all our mind, and all our soul, and love our neighbor as our self. One of God’s methods for telling us that we as a group, have strayed from the path is to withhold the rain, to send pestilence, and to cause the land to withhold its bounty from us. (Deuteronomy 11: 13-17, II Chronicles 7:13-14) Satan knows this and has concocted this climate change story as an alternate explanation for what is occurring and will continue to occur unless we repent, turn from our wicked ways and plead with the Lord to restore us.

Since Man without Christ has always wanted to set himself up as God, many, maybe even most of humanity is subject to believing man’s activities are changing the climate and that man can correct that disruption through our own actions. We do not have it within our power to alter God’s creation, only God can alter his creation. If Man lives in obedience to the Lord God Almighty, God will have the earth respond accordingly.

The truth is that our struggle is not with flesh and blood, but against rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, and against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12). These wicked forces have deceived us into believing something false, that climate change is due to man’s activities. And that the fix is within man’s power, which is also false.

The question I have is, Are the world’s leaders deceived by Satan, or are they knowingly and voluntarily in service to Satan in these deceptions?

II Thessalonians 2:11

Romans 1:17-32

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I agree. It is practice.

If we killed any US resident who spoke poorly against President Biden (while serving as POTUS) imagine how kinder our political system would look.

If we would kill adulterers just think how stronger a family unit we would have.

If we would kill women who lied about being virgins imagine how much more pure our youth would be.

If we killed any child who cursed at a parent think of how well behaved our children would act.

If we killed anybody who advocated another religion imagine how Christian our culture would be.

If we killed all homosexuals then think how less crazy the world would be.

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The trans army is there, and they are attempting to overthrow all who stand against it.

Their favorite weapon of choice in this war is men dressing up as women who then read to confused children and tell the children that if they feel confused they need to mutilate their reproductive organs. They don't need to fight us, they just need to brainwash our children.

Other weapons they love to employ consist of the legal system, cancel culture, and woke limp-wrist, spineless Evangelicals that are asleep at the wheel. See Russel Moore, and Tim Keller for examples of the latter.

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God is judging our nation.

Democrats are "winning" in deep red areas because they are harvesting mail-in ballots from voters sitting on their couch or living with their mommies.

IMO Republicans will never be competitive so long as mail-in voting continues. Voting should require effort. If you can't be bothered to get off your rear and go vote then you don't get to vote.

Other unpopular items that are needed to fix things:
-Repeal the 19th Amendment
-Only landholding (house, condo, raw land) males are allowed to vote
-Must be a productive member of society, not on welfare to vote

Until these actions are taken:
-women will continue to vote to murder babies, and go soft on tranny and gay discipleship
-Renters will vote for rent relief and destruction of property rights
-Welfare consumers will outvote the members of society that are paying for their welfare

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Amen! The term kind is also used when God tells Noah about gathering the animals, which makes getting them on the ark reasonable, since there are way less kinds (categories like feline, canine, etc.) than species. Although God could make it happen even if it was every species.

People try to use the Galapagos birds as “proof” for evolution but it doesn’t prove anything other than that animals can adapt to their environment — which really only proves how awesome God’s creation is.

The more I read the Bible, the more amazed I am at how much God has revealed to us through His word. I am so glad we don’t live in the Dark Ages and we can read it any time we want.

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No matter which side you see as righteous in this conflict, one sad fact remains. Blood is being needlessly shed because weak people in the USA, due to a Scamdemic, allowed the worst POTUS in the history of our nation to be put in office. This blood shed is on Joe and all who voted for Joe. The Ukranian and Taiwanise death warrants were signed the day Joe showed absolute weakness in Afghanistan. To all you Democrat voters, this blood is on you.

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Waiting on China to call Joe and tell him to knock it off with the development of actual weapons and stick to having fagg*tz, dykes, queers, and sissies as their "deus-ex-machina". Hmm, on second thought perhaps sending AIDS/STD-infected soldiers to battle against a foreign enemy might be the latest and greatest in biological warfare...

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Seems a big topic nowadays, especially for "Progressives" (Communists) is climate change/global warming.

I believe it's an "act of God", same as global warming/cooling of the past. If man was gonna cause global warming, it woulda been in nthe hundred years between 1845 & 1945, when prodigious amounts of fossil fuels & wood were burned for uses ranging from home heating to steelmaking. There are still some old buildings & trees in England blackened from coal soot. During both World Wars, massive amounts of air pollution were released from gunpowder explosions of all types, as well as from huge fires caused by bombilg & artillery. In WW2, a bomber often burned 5000 to 8000 gallons of fuel on one mission, with many millions averaging 300 or more aircraft-not mto mention petroleum-based fuels used by other military vehicles and ships. But yet, much of Europe saw severe winters in 1944 & 45 when the effects of all that air pollution shoulda been at their worst!

I believe that global warming is part of God's plan for the end times & will contribute to the "great trib" that'll hit the whole world, as Jesus' return approaches. I don't believe man can do a thing about it.

What are YOUR opinions?????????????????????????????

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Here's how moronic the whole climate change thing is. They are demonizing carbon with no thought that this is a carbon-based existence. So if all life is carbon-based and we go and wage war on carbon, then aren't we shooting ourselves in the foot? Everything recycles down here. The pressure underneath the ocean floor spews out oil into the ocean and the ocean recycles it daily. That is a natural function of the earth. If the earth did not recycle, we would be toast.

For example, they worry about air pollution (as well as many other things because they are just a miserable lot of people). Polluted air is heavier than pure air. If you shut down all factories and automobiles, then the polluted air will settle to the ground and it will recycle. In cities where pollution is a problem is because they keep pumping it into the air every day. The problems these crybabies whine about are not real.

Let's look at what God says:

Gen 8:22 "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease."

So He's promising us that while we're here that He will ensure things continue so we can live. Notice He first said "seedtime and harvest?" This is a firm statement that He will keep the climate working normally so that we can grow crops - that we can farm and have food. If the climate ever got out of whack all life would perish eventually.

I mentioned very little here. There's a lot more that debunks this nonsense. The point is, they don't think anything through. They are just a bunch of parrots (useful idiots) that only follow the narratives they are given because they won't think for themselves.

So . . .I'm pro-carbon

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In other words, if you fulfill your duties as a Christian Husband, and have a good relationship, then you're abusive. I happily fit numbers 1 thru 12.

I will correct my wife if there is an issue with who she is listening to. My wife was listening to Beth Moore one day after Mrs. Moore chose to preach to men. I shut that down right away, false teachers will not teach my family nor wife, and God will hold men accountable who allow that in their family. I will sometimes override my wife's opinion on the clothes my toddler daughter wears if I feel it is not conservative enough. She don't need to be wearing no short shorts and don't need to be getting into that habit. I've done the same with my wife when we were first married and she wanted to wear yoda pants in public. Those are bedroom clothes. If them tight fitting pants enticed a man, which they would, then I would rightly be held responsible by the Lord.

Likewise my wife has full access to monitor my online usage of the internet as there's so much in the area of lust that I am susceptible to and it's easy to access online. I have software that takes random screenshots at all times, combined with algorithms that take screenshots anytime the algorithm detects something "suspicious" on-screen.

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So the Equality Act passed, and airline pilots see UFO over California during a flight bound for Phoenix.

I don't believe this is coincidental. I think UFOs are demonic/associated with demons. The leaders of the U.S. have capitulated to evil and put it in writing for all to see. The Phoenix is a pagan religious symbol.

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Just like January 6th was a planned infiltration..so I believe the 20th will be..I believe the Dems have planned for BLM and Antifa to dress as Trump Supporters and wreck havick just as they did last week..and of course Conservatives will get the blame..again..and then we will lose our right to own guns..which is what, among other things, a lot of this has been about...I really wish God would big time show up..I miss God..

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Blue Check marked CNN reporters are on twitter saying if Trump nominated a SCOTUS to “burn it all down”

not one or two or ten. They are promising riots if he nominates.

I was surfing the internet first thing this morning and stumbled across a Smith and Wesson AR-15. I put my phone down for the hour to make sure it wasn’t a impulse buy. Ended up purchasing it and it gets delivered FFL arms dealer this week. Bought ammo.

2 hours later RBG announced dead and I went back and the AR-15 is sold out at that store so glad I moved.

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Google is another satanically decieved and deluded company. And of course driven and has dedicated itself to deny Trump 4 more years as they think Trump is evil, (orange man bad) and Biden a good guy. Satan opposes and fights against what God wants, that is according to scripture, he is the lawless one who refuses to submit to God being a lawless one, and he exalts himself above all that is called God.


4 Who opposes and exalts himself so proudly and insolently against and over all that is called God or that is worshiped, [even to his actually] taking his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming that he himself is God.

So the connection here with Trump vs Biden and what God wants is very clear and obvious if you are a spiritually discerning person as the fight over Trump has been so extreme as to be insane, driven by spiritual forces aligned against republicans, because the devil wants America wiped out.

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Look how the liberal cult and its feminist herd treated Sarah Palin when she was nominated to be Vice President. And look at how closely the liberal and Islamic cults are tied together, by their mutual war on America; they even embrace the most absurd oxymoron of our time: the sharia-compliant feminist. Liberals don't care about women's rights any more than they care about any rights; they simply claim to do so as part of a dive and conquer strategy, telling gullible women that they are being oppressed, and to end the oppression they must vote liberal.

Liberals want a woman president because they assume she will be a communist like Kamala Harris. Give them a woman candidate who is a loyal American and Christian and they would vote for the Ebola Virus before voting for her.

Liberal doctrine demands that women know their place and stay in their place, that place according to orthodox liberal dogma being in the Democratic Party, supporting racism, communism, and satanism. Those who do not know their place are subjected to discipline, in the forms of excommunication and mass public hate campaigns. The hate campaign waged against Sarah Palin shows just how vicious and ruthless they are, and it sends a signal to all women that they better not forget their place, or they might end up getting the same treatment.

This is the reality of so-called feminism. It is doublespeak at its finest.

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You call letting an employer dictate your personal medical treatment as liberty. Actually, you are for big government on this issue. You want a western government to have powers like Xi Jinping. This is also the dream of Bill Gates who is an eugenicist. Gates agrees with the Vatican that Africans are having too many children and so he has taken steps to sterilize them for the good of the human race. Use your little gray cells before they become big pink cells.

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My physiotherapist told me a long time ago that she has more and more incontinent patients. For one very old man the consequences of WW2 were the cause, for all others sex.

What will they teach the children next? How to live with incontinence diapers and anal dysfunction in everyday life?

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Antifa does wear face masks year round so they are in compliance on that issue with CDC guidelines--however, as they like to attack people who are helpless such as people in wheelchairs or on walkers or women and children, they probably are not maintaining six-food distance. Soros probably didn't think of that because they didn't do that on his first job of working for the Gestapo.

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Do any of you have info on the medical dangers of masks?

Satan has emetity against the woman and wants especially to cover her image of God.

Taiwan used N95 masks to escape this pandemic. Their Vice-President is an American educated health expert/medical doctor. The USA does not have the industrial capability to manufacture sufficient N95 masks at this time. The Chinese Communist Party calculated on this American weakness.

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You & I are moving ever further apart it appears, which is another win for the left. Whatever it takes seems to be ok with them. Death, destruction, & division. They believe it is necessary to regain power, & save the planet. Let’s see, the only way they will get everyone to line up for the vaccination will be to make it ‘the mark’, which means it will track your movements thereby allowing them to stop you from entering businesses without it. You know how easy that would be, you would emit the vaccinated beep when you pass through the doors. Don’t beep? you don’t need groceries today. Gates has already stated this to be necessary. A world takeover, a complete surrender, in the name of ‘we are going to save you’. Fear seems a powerful thing. As Christians we should not walk in fear.

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The whole fact the earth was round and surrounded by the gravitational pull of other round balls is the whole of Satan's deception. Astrophysicist just study and learn the math needed to keep this virtual reality going. They are no more wrong than Kepler, Galileo, and Copernicus. They just have more math at their disposal.

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The Democrat Party is trying to abolish the Bill of Rights. They are running Joe Biden, accused of rape and known to put his hands all over little girls, and they are using their ignorant reporters to smear honest people just as Mussolini used to beat respectable people up and then pour liquor all over them to discredit them. The media is like the NBA--they take their marching orders from the Chinese Communist Party. Yeah, this Chinese Virus is essentially defeated but our 50 Governors are still washing their hands and asking what the truth is.

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Hinduism has a very dark side and sometimes attacks Christians. The so-called untouchables cannot be touched but can be used as prostitutes. Richard Nixon's California church made a movie about it a few years ago called "Not Today."

One man from South Africa said that South Africans want to wear face masks against the flu but take no precautions against aids in South Africa. If you drink a Corona beer with a slice of lime in it, you get the flu and lyme disease.

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The diseases that have surfaced in the past years since 2001, I believe, have been trial runs imposed on the human race by a cabal of global elite who wish to reduce human population. It may be that humanity as a whole has been treated as their own personal guinea pig laboratory to test pathogenic weapons of increasing lethality. With these trial runs, they're learning what works and what does not, what is effective and what still needs to be improved. Perhaps the next pandemic unleashed on the planet will be worthy of the name "Captain Tripps", or "zombie apocalypse".

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When I was a HS soph, long before salvation, my biology teacher, who was a devout Christian, held up our textbook on the 1st day of class & said, "This book says, among other things, that birds evolved from lizards. Now, that's asking a lot from a lizard-to replace its perfectly-functional scales with feathers, to reverse the bend of its limbs,(Note that a lizard's limbs bend the same direction as ours.) trade its jaws & teeth for a beak, & toughest of all, change its chemistry from cold-blooded to warm-blooded. There are no 'missing links' half-n-half on any of those things."

That little lecture has stuck with me ever since. Years later, knowing evolution is impossible, I wrote to the astronomer Carl Sagan, whom I admired, & who was a staunch evolutionist, explaining those facts to him. He never wrote me back. Hard to believe such a brilliant mind was closed to simple, basic FACTS. (Oh well; I had to program my PH.D neighbor's Tivo for him.)

Any evolutionists who read this: Please don't be as close-minded as Dr. Sagan was. Please ask yourselves how an animal (or plant) coulda "evolved" from such different "ancestors".

BTW, the Eohippus, the "dawn horse", was about the size of a Collie, with a toe on each side of each hoof reaching the ground, while the modern horse has only vestigial toes fused to the leg bones. But, if eohippus was around today, it could mate with a modern horse, if physically possible, & produce offspring. They're the same basic species they didn't "evolve' into modern horses.

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Until sodomite marriage was enacted to be a weapon against our freedom, I'm not aware of any laws forcing anyone to support heterosexual marriage. If a sodomite doesn't want to support heterosexual marriage, that should be its right. But, the two are not equal. Heterosexual relations perpetuates the human race, and heterosexual marriage does it with the lowest socioeconomic cost. Sodomite marriage has no value, and by nature is immoral.

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Freedom means letting people do as they wish (ending when they start to impose on the freedom of others). Sodomite marriage is not an issue of freedom, except in Leftist propaganda. You don't need the government involved in our life, or bedroom, to be free. In fact, freedom is sort of the opposite of that. Government-recognized sodomite marriage is nothing but a foundation to take away the freedom of others who would choose not to support sodomite relationships.

Anyway, California is a lost cause. Conservatives should be trying to break California up into at least two states, not foolishly hoping to win state-wide elections there.

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You know that the UN wants to attack the USA, not China and India. They are having another climate summit in Spain. They had planned on Chile but the Cubans started violent demonstrations down there because Chile has a successful economy. The Pope is friends with all the Latino communists and had former Bolivian dictator Morales in the Vatican along with Bernie Sanders. The Vatican is trying to interfere in the American presidential election.

Clearly, something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

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Biological evolution has been proven to be mathematically/scientifically impossible. I have linked the May article in my signature. Put simply there are 20 amino acids that make up DNA and the average strand of DNA has 250 molecules of amino acids arranged in an exact manner. So the math is 20 x 20 x 20 x 20, etc. till there are 250 such multiplications, or 20 to the 250th power, Calculate that for all the types of DNA in the world and you can quickly see that it just can't be done. Mutations in DNA mean loss of information and can lead to early death. The fossil record clearly shows that all life forms were present in the Cambrian layer. Darwin just is scientifically impossible.

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We didn't have this stuff until the 1960s. Boys are very much at risk as all the focus is on girls. What has had me upset for 50 years is the epidemic of teenage suicides. I am greatly opposed to giving medicine to boys to settle them down. Also, I think medical procedures to change the gender of minors is primitive and sadistic and a display of American disgrace to children.

Boys can no longer have all male organizations but girls and women have all female organizations. Women own 3/4ths of the property, outlive men, outnumber men in colleges, and seem to think that working on an assembly line in a low-paying warehouse is better than being a housewife. Women want a welfare state with high taxes and big government more than men do and that is why suburban white women of the upper-middle class voted for Hillary.

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f God wanted us all to be the same, He would have made us that way. I don’t believe that makes her a racist. If you see another race as equal, but not the same, that doesn’t make you racist. If you believe that birthing mixed race kids is pleasing to God, I would say that doesn’t appear to be His design, & just saying it’s the thing to do, doesn’t make it the thing to do. My opinion. They have done studies on babies, where babies always gravitated to their own race over another race. Racist babies I guess.

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Darwin didn't really jump the gun. He proposed a theory. He himself readily admitted his theory was based on a simple cell and that his theory would be false if the cell were proven to be complex.
His theory was in fact based more in socialism, his extreme racist version of it, than science.

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I have a simple question for evolutionists - If the amoeba, the simplest animal, evolved into the paramecium, a more-complex animal, which evolved into the volvox, a multi-celled animal, til finally animal life evolved into us, then, WHY ARE THERE STILL AMOEBAE???????????? Shouldn't they all have become paramecia by now ?

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How can this be when organizations like Planned Parenthood have goals to go into schools at Kindergarten level and begin educating the kids on their genitals in a way that contradicts what the parents have told them and they do this intentionally. Then they work to provide "their" education along the way with the goal of girls having abortions at least 3 times between the age of 13-16.

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Originally, the 1st Amendment was written to protect Christian religious freedom. That is its original historical context. It was written to protect Christians in the colonies from the persecution of the Church of England, which was in the colonies, particularly Virginia. It is because of Christians that other religions enjoy religious freedom in the US.

The Constitution is not a living document that needs to be reinterpreted or changed. It simply needs to be enforced. It is the law of the land, as written. The Progressives (Communists) want to scuttle the Constitution and so we need to protect it from those on the Left who want to do violence to it.