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Here is some RED pilled truth from the bible.
It's quite irrelevant as to whether ur a Christian or not.
What is important is the fact that this shines a light on the idea that female nature has always been the same at least 2k years...this proves they cannot be tamed...and women claiming Christianity cannot deny this verse or they deny quote "Gods Word" (thoughtful smiley, laughing smiley)
But hey we all know they will miss interpret it or manipulate the context to suit THEIR comfort zone which must be cozy at all times (thoughtful smiley, laughing smiley, skull smiley, ghost smiley)
Also they they will likely simply look over the verse itself. Cause no logic destroys God's in their faith...(thoughtful smiley, followed by lots of laughing smileys)
However.....deeeep down It's a hidden secret...
Most women only worship one God...the almighty vagina...
(Video showing translations of Proverbs 27:16, which says that trying to control a woman is as futile as controlling the wind and grasping things with an oiled hand)



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