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One, the things u have there for proof of evolution are in fact nothing but lies. Chew on this, that is an example of microevolution. Which that is possible by just pure experimentation. However, you are arguing that this 'microevolution' proves 'macroevolution.' U see there is a big difference. Micro has to deal with microscopic organisms Such as bacteria. Macro has to deal with visual organisms Such as things you can see(apes). The problem starts when u try to prove 'macroevolution' with 'microevolution.' YOu see there is proof for 'micro' but none for 'macro.' When you show me a picture of half ape half man then and only then can you state your evolution 'theory', which is really nothing but a religion, As fact. If you really want someone to show you more go to www.drdino.com . Peace out for right now. Remember none can stand against God....not even these evolution punks.



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