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Re: America has already taken in one-fourth of Mexico's entire population

No. We are NOT doomed. Do things look bad? Yes. But we Whites still control the power in this country, and that's why we're being singled out for persecution and violence. And violence comes in many forms; economic, social, physical, sexual, educational, workplace, religious, ad infinitum...

Make no mistake, we Whites are under attack, and the threat is real. But...

Whites own the lion's share of guns in this country, and are VASTLY more proficient in their use than the "others" are.

Whites stockpile ammo and supplies for periods of disaster/unrest, while the "others" don't.

Whites produce most of the wealth in this country, while the "others" consume or waste it.

Whites build, while the "others" destroy and tear down.

Whites perform most of the high-tech jobs in this country, while the "others" perform menial tasks or don't work at all.

Whites are the backbone of this country, while the "others" are weak, poor, undisciplined, uneducated, uncaring, uncivil, hopeless invaders of this country.

Enough of the doomsday talk. Whites still rule this country, and THAT's what upsets the "others" so much. Like Ann Coulter said, Romney just needed another 4 percent of Whites to vote for him, and Obummer would have been out. Guess what? Today, after the recent riots, he'd get that 4 percent. And that terrifies the libturd left.

So, cowboy up folks! This fight has just started. And we Whites are holding most of the cards.



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