Alternative History of Religion Award

You fail theology forever.

Bramble #fundie

May I just say a few things:
1) Bertrand Russell was an egregious liar when he said Marxism was a “Christian heresy”, since it is quintessentially Jewish, as even rabbis assert.

2) As a Christian, I think Dawkins’ description of the bloodthirsty deity of the Judeo-Islamic Old Testament is correct, because Yahweh/Yareah is actually Kali/Shiva, as Christians will one day discover.

3) Only Judaism and its proxy branch Islam are “Abrahamic”. Christianity begins with Christ & the New Testament, Christ & the New Covenant, and the compassionate Heavenly Father of whom Christ teaches. When Marcion, the First Protestant, compiled the First New Testament from the writings of the Apostles available in 140 AD, gaining a vast following by teaching that the Moon Deity Yahweh of the Old Testament was not the same as the Heavenly Father of whom Christ taught, he was denounced as a heretic by the Jewish-established Catholic church based in Rome and Alexandria, who destroyed his writings and replaced his New Testament canon with their own.

4) Dawkins is wrong: I am not descended from a fish!



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