NiggerChow, Whip_Cracker, and Ted #racist

(NiggerChow): Indeed, niggers are like cockroaches: they always seem to be where filth is.

(Whip_Cracker): Maybe niggers spontaneously sprouted from filth. That would explain a lot. Yep, thats it.

(ted): Call me a sick fvck if you will, but I wanted to see that stroller go down the stairs.

I'm over here suffering through a life changing injury that has so profoundly affected me that I can no longer watch the "hey watch this" and "hold my beer" video clips because seeing others get hurt makes me flinch and flinching really hurts me. But this is about a niglet. A niglet in a stroller. Spawn of Satan. Future gibs sucker. Future felon factory followed by stints at NU.



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