Some incels #sexist

Re: “I miss my college days” -every foid ever, wonder why?


Roasties will do anything to relive their carousel days, including naming their children after the Chads they dated or outright cucking their betabuxes.

My disgust with female nature keeps growing day after day.

Imagine letting your wife name your son. Women's rights was a mistake

I just wrote a few minutes ago what if the ex-bf fucked her, and that the son is really the ex-bf's son? Jesus Christ, the mantra "Alpha fucks, Beta cucks" is becoming all too real now.

I love how women are so quick to backstab and betray each other. The woman’s friend obviously knew that she shouldn’t mention the ex boyfriend, but she probably hates the woman anyway and since they’re no longer in each other’s immediate social circle, there is 0 loyalty.

they miss college b/c that was when they could fuck all the guys they wanted to w/o anyone knowing about it

They peaked their sexual appeal. Everything they wanted was one flirt away.

Now every day their value drops.

That along with our socialist societies bankrupting themselves and being unable to provide similar social services decades in the future spells out a dark end to the lives of foids.

Surprise surprise....the government iant really your daddy and doesn't give a fuck if you die.



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