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Antifa mob attacks one single girl, Spain

10-15 thugs beat and kicked one woman laying on the ground, and immediately ran away when bystanders approached. Newspaper reports that two have been arrested, and the attack was for ‘ideological reasons’.

She suffered several injuries, among which to the head.

I don’t speak Spanish but a commie-LARPing Antifa replied along the lines of “What does feminism have to do with this? She is a fascist so the beating (?) is justified”. Because people remarked how pathetic it was for ten men to attack one girl.


Six people have been arrested. The motivation behind the attack was a dispute over Tumblr aesthetics is indefensible. A girl was smoking outside of a bar when approached by another woman. The woman confronted her after which a dozen members of a far-left group came to beat her up.. over her clothing.
“She was dressed like a slut right winger so she asked for it.”

The report doesn’t mention another reason than her perceived ‘nazi’ looks, and the victim and attackers didn’t know each other. She was hospitalized and also lost a tooth.

This Spanish paper reports her ‘nazi aesthetic’ was just a bracelet with the colours of the Spanish flag.

I neither condone nor condemn the actions. I’ll certainly turn a blind eye to actual hate-spreading neo-nazi/neo-fascists getting a punch to the head, but ganging up on anyone like that is a bit overkill. Despite that, if she was being actually heinous— *yawn*, I’ll shed my tears for someone else. I don’t think her being a girl matters whatsoever. This is what I have for all the haters that get the shit kicked out of them:

Remember kiddies violence against women is totally okay as long as they do something you dont agree with or wear the wrong clothes

No, it’s ok if they are nazi or fascist scum that actively spreads hate and toxic ideas. And why does it matter if it’s a girl, ya fuckin sexist? Unless she’s a child, if a woman is preaching vile hate, bigotry, and authoritarianism —Yeah, fuck the cunt up. Kick her in the twat. How else are we going to stop those monsters? Peace and love and patchouli and fucking flower power? That’s not the language they speak. I personally wouldn’t necessarily do anything violent, maybe I would if the circumstances were right, but I support anonymous Antifa activist allies. Authoritarians in general can get fucked. FfffffffffUCKED



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