Angrybrownwomxxn #fundie

“Transition the gay away” is the Left’s (including “feminists”) answer to the rightwing’s “pray the gay away”.

It should also be noted how both the rightwing and the leftwing (that includes you too, “feminists”) reserve most of their vitriol and contempt for lesbians–homosexual females– particularly butch lesbians. Apparently what unites KKKonservatives, liberals, leftists and “feminists” is their hatred for butch lesbians, tomboys and androgynous bihet women, especially if they’re neither sexually/physically nor romantically attracted to anyone with a dick, “ladystick”, “gircock”, neovagina or just simply XY chromosomes. Nevertheless, this “why don’t you just transition” mantra or “hey, your son is playing with dolls, make ‘em transition” or “your daughter seems kinda butch, make 'em transition” is lesbo/homophobia and gay/lesbian erasure wrapped up in liberal and “feminist” rhetoric and activism.

#homophobia #lesbophobia #genderqueer theory is homophobic #genderqueer theory is anti-lesbian #gay erasure #lesbian erasure #trans ideology is the new McCarthyism #gay NOT queer #lesbian NOT queer #Gay and Lesbian #Liberation



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