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[Discussing swastika-shaped crop circles]

These messages appear all over the world, but are mainly centred here in England - this has to be significant. The main area is also around Wessex, the ancient heartland of the West Saxons whose banner was the Golden Dragon of Germania.

The appearance of these symbols prove beyond doubt that the Esoteric War is directed by the Hidden Masters from a parallel world - the Inner Earth. From this Inner Earth emanates the Will of the Masters (Gods) who direct and guide the Aryan Initiates on this Earth. As I have stated before, I have been a witness to a very similar type of occurrence to that of the formation of a crop-circle, when I witnessed a kind of 'vortex-wind' that flattened grass near to an old stone circle in Gwynedd, North Wales, not far from a larger stone circle called 'Druid's Circle'. The power behind this 'vortex-wind' seemed to be intelligent and I could 'feel' its presence as it happened.

What we have in this Black Sun crop-circle is a symbol of the most ancient Hyperborea, but also connected to the later At-al-land in the North-west. Indeed, it fits the description of Plato's Atlantis too, which may have been a description of At-al-land - the 'Atland' of the Oera Linda Book and of Spanuth. It is a symbol of resurrection and thus may be connected to the idea of the Rising of At-al-land, or even to the resurrection of the Avatar. The latter is actually hinted at through the numerical sequences centred around the Mystical Number 88 and the Mystical Number 888.


Another link to the coming Avatar is contained in yet another numerical sequence contained within the complex structure of the formation. There are 12 Sig-Runes, each made up of 3 sections (12 x 3 = 36); add this to the Number 8 and we get 44, half of 88. But 44 itself is a Mystical Number of Importance, since David Lane (Wodensson) mentions in his works that there are 44 letters in the first verse of the 'Bible' (Old Testament) and 44 letters in the last verse (New Testament), adding up to 88. 'Jesus Christ' (or rather the White Krist of Revelation is referred to as 'The First and the Last' and 'The Beginning and the End', as well as the 'offspring of the Morning Star (Venus - see the piece on Quetzalcoatl).

The Black Sun crop-circle seems to be so complex in its form and meaning that it hardly seems likely that it has been done by human hands; indeed, it seems to have kicked up such a stir that people were stopped from going onto the fields to see it at the time. It would also seem that when the crop-circle appeared a comment posted about a picture of the formation on Facebook asked for it to be removed and censored - so afraid are our enemies of what is coming!


Looking through some of the stuff written about this crop-circle I found one which mentioned Quetzalcoatl which was designed to brush off the 'Nazi' connection of the Black Sun. Unfortunately for the writer it did no such thing and emphasised further links to the Mystical Number 88, as well as bringing the planet Venus into the equation - Quetzalcoatl having links to Venus. In fact Quetzalcoatl was another of the archetypes based upon 'He Who Returns'! He was the Feathered Serpent and one of the White Gods of the Americas who was prophesied to return after he left. Indeed, the Spanish Cortes was taken to be the return of the 'White God'.



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