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Well, this latest incident has a black athlete falsely accused of sexually assaulting his white girlfriend and here is a new twist to the story — she has always asserted that she was never assaulted or raped by this guy and even slept with him and proactively kept sending him messages of support once the investigation began!!!! So who are the villains of this piece? The administrator and some idiot fellow trainer/student in the alleged victim’s training program took it upon themselves to declare that she was assaulted.

You cite two cases as reported by the same libertarian website, unrelated in every way except they involve sex and college students. In one, a man is, apparently, wrongly accused of assault. In the other, a man is, apparently, the victim of assault.

But your first sentence tries to link them by simply calling both men “victims” and intimating this is some ominous, nascent trend that hasn’t ruined the lives of many men “yet” — and when it does, it will somehow be the fault of “overreaching leftists.”

The problem of men on campus being falsely accused of sexual assault is dwarfed by the problem of men on campus not being punished for sexual assault, and the problem of men on campus being sexually assaulted by women is insignificant compared to the problem of women on campus being sexually assaulted by men.

This attempt to construct a level of equivalence between injustices done to men with injustices done to women as regards to rape is disgusting.

I find you disgusting to accept any level of sexual assault against anybody, including men. Who gave you the right to decide who’s rape is significant enough? I don’t agree with a lot of what the diarist wrote, but your sexist response to false accusations and male rape is absolutely deplorable.

If you get raped do I get to decide whether your trauma is significant?



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