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some more signs of end of times

im just giving a few. ill keep on giving a few throughout forever.

1.one family in florida has already volunteered to have a chip put in their hands so they can buy food and water. They are testing it out and so far things are going well.

2. In NC some citys are saying that its a law the government periodically must come in the house and make sure things are safe.(an invasion of privacy)

3. In 2007-2010 somewhere in that timeline everyhome will be required to have a computer chip in the tv so that if an emergency needs to be broadcasted even if the tv is off it will turn on and announce it. also being put in with the chip (some secret information i got from a friend who works for the government) will be a camera so that the government can watch you.

4. In Revelation it says the vultures will eat the dead. Vultures used to lay only 2-3 eggs but recently they've been laying about 7.

5. The government has created a chip they can put in your brain to command you to do stuff. They have tested it out with rats and it works perfectly. i heard on the news that sometime in upcoming years the will start putting chips into a baby's brain.(i think i heard it on the news.)

thats all for now.



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