Tony #fundie

Tony received word of this listing of his comments through the agency of the Holy Spirit, speaking through another Christian brother at church last week. Please remove Tony's comments from your satanic website. This is not the way Tony wants his comments to be used. Tony's comments are there to glorify God not there to let other satanists have laughs at Tony's expense.

Tony has not lost the ability to refer to him in first person. Tony chooses not to. Tony refers to him in third person because Tony is a creature created by God read Genesis 1 and 2. Tony does not deserve any of the credit or glory for what he says or does it is all God's work. God gets all of the glory. "I" is the most deadly word in the human language!! It is through focusing on I me my that Satan/Lucifer fell and was cast into the pits of hell where he is burning to this day for glorifying himself. Tony does not want to glorify Tony; Tony wants to glorify God. Tony refers to him in the third person to show that Tony is just a created being a messanger of God and not someone to respect. Respect God and fear God that is in Proverbs. Tony is a man of God and that is why he refuses to focus on himself as an individual.



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