Gallifrey #racist

Screw McNiggers ! I sent a nice little letter to corporate HQ.

"Dear McDonalds,
Another shooting at another one of your stores, by another "black", although that's not what I call them and in the interest of civility, I will call them "black". for now. I don't know what the draw is to these animals, but your restaurants have become nothing but a dangerous place for any human to be. Fights, shootings, brawls, blacks arguing with store employees, other patrons, and in general, destroying your stores. Mr. Kroc must be spinning around in his grave like a turbine engine right now. I will not patron your stores, anywhere at anytime, and I am not the only one. If you wish to pander to "blacks", then you will suffer the consequences. They are animals that have ZERO respect for anything or anyone. But, given the leadership at your company, what is happening at your stores is no surprise. It seems that violence in your stores are a daily occurrence, and given enough time, McDonalds will fall due to the lack of Paying Customers. We both know it's common practice for "blacks" to order food, eat most of it, complain and get a refund or another meal for free. Seen it, witnessed it, it happens.
And with no real paying customers, it's only a matter of time. I am not alone in this complaint. We humans steer clear of your stores like it was the plague, for good reason. "Black" violence, "Black" patrons, "Black" culture.

No response as of yet and I don't expect one. Funny thing is, when following the link above to the story, all the news stories at that news station is all about blacks!

Yuppers, Humans are the problem... </sarc>



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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