stinkyasscoons #racist

[reply to a thread about a racist coming to grips that not all african americans live in the ghettos etc]

Yeah, there are majikal niggers indeed -- but don't let that cloud your mind when realizing that niggers are far below the levels of dog shit. Even if a majikal nigger did something "generous" for a change, I would formally thank it (but not really mean it) and go back to bashing them on Chimpmania.

I'll say this: if more niggers had the decency and class of human beings (like you and I), sites like these would not be at all that necessary for me to be a part of. But since niggers mostly have limited intelligence I am here bashing with the lot of you!

Also, I will say that I have more respect for a majikal nigger that acted very, very White as opposed to, say, prancing libtards and CBs. Yeah, that's a bit of a leap right there, but one of the two (majikal niggers and traitorous humans) has to be better than the other. As long as the nigger knows its place, I wouldn't mind the boon a whole lot if it kept to itself.



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