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The cultural Marxist have been trying to “smash monogamy” as [Bill] Ayer’s wife yelled to her followers....

You have to destroy the two pillars of Western Civilization that made it great so that you can destroy the culture and take it over.

Christian ethics and the natural family are the two pillars. Destroy that paradigm and you create an immoral, atheist military no different than the Nazis and the Russian one—both so immoral they made Patton physically ill.

Zero wants an immoral military so he can turn them against the citizenry.

Homosexuality destroys the Christian paradigm faster than anything. It will be the same result as putting women into the same barracks as the men. Makes the Bible “hate speech” and makes immorality rampant. Nothing is more destructive to societies then sins of the flesh. Military will impose “reeducation” centers on our Christian men and either force them to change their thinking or force them out as bigots.

Marxists deny the nature of man. They believe in social engineering and in doing so—have to have a totalitarian society. You can not have freedom of thought under their ideology because it goes against nature.



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