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Sometime in the not too distant future, the Equalist ideology that gained ascendancy in the West in the late 1960s will begin to unravel. My guess is that the impending demographic implosion of its creators and sustainers will start the process, possibly within the decade.

When that happens there will be a strong reaction against those who espouse another philosophy, and we’ll see the different sides of the Equalist camp join together in common cause to defend the faith.

One such alliance will likely occur between feminists and Equalist MRAs, who will set aside their differences to fight any new concept of the relationship between men and women. MRAs and feminists may oppose each other, but that’s because they see male and female as opposing forces due to their worldview. To them, it can’t be any other way. Struggle between the sexes is right and natural, because, to put it in Marxist terms, it’s a class struggle. Eventually, in their eschatology, one is supposed to emerge victorious at some distant undefined point, but they really suspect this struggle is more or less eternal and a fundamental part of life, similar to the struggle between good and evil that characterizes some Christian thought.

When someone comes along and challenges that worldview, both feminists and MRAs will see it as a threat, and both will confront this challenge. In doing so, they will work together, as they did in the beginning when Equalism overthrew the old Western order.

I think I’m already beginning to see signs of it. Challenge Equalism, and immediately feminists start defending some MRA causes, and MRAs will begin to say that feminism is only bad in practice, not theory (try it yourself if you’re curious). It’s similar to the way in which different factions of Christians were bitter enemies when dealing with each other, but united in common cause when faced with an external threat.

That external threat is coming. It is gathering forces and preparing for a long campaign. When it mobilizes, we’ll see Equalists of all persuasions align themselves against it.



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