Jeannon Kralj #fundie

I looked through a February 2003 Better Homes and Gardens magazine yesterday and there was an ad for Huggies Supreme diapers with several of these carefully crafted characters.

This ad mainly is for adults who may buy the diapers, but the adult is supposed to learn that your children having contact with these kinds of characters (through watching cartoons on TV at home, etc) is fun and cute and sweet. There probably is also the association of clean and sanitary and nice -- throw away diapers.

The characters look to be wearing cute little blue overalls like toddlers wear. Their bodies are shades of green like aliens. Their eyes are huge and innocent looking like Keene paintings. They have pointed ears and definitely suggest the gargoyle picture. They have noses that look like darling koala bear noses. One of them has old man kind of glasses on the end of his nose like Mr. McGoo. They all have a smile on their lips. The human baby in the middle is laughing and smiling and playing with 7 of these little guys.

There is a small picture of the actual package the diapers come in and it appears as though one of these kinds of characters is on the package too.

So this is a perfect example of this subtle societal demonic manipulation, and it is geared toward adults as well as children.



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