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It is generally common knowledge now that the Germans during the 1930s and 1940s were actively engaged in the creation and perfection of an anti-gravity device that could be used to not only to transcend the known boundaries of space but also those of time. The appearance of saucer shaped craft over Germany and over other parts of the world after 1945 are testament to the fact that both the Americans and the Russians had obtained German scientific knowledge through the capture of scientists from the Third Reich. The technology was particularly developed by the Americans after the war and these manmade craft are the basis of most UFO sightings seen since then. We do not need to look for a fanciful extraterrestrial explanation when a more logical and terrestrial one will suffice!


It is clear to me that on a spiritual level the manifestation of these strange phenomena is an indication of an internal conflict within the inner self of man. Some of these manifestations may be attributed to physical craft and some to spiritual visions but it is very difficult to distinguish between the two. As we rush to Ragnarok-Korangar these manifestations appear to be increasing and are on a certain level the heralds of the coming final conflict that must bring the Kali Yuga to a conclusion and for the new Golden Age to come, the Age of Widar, Woden reborn.



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