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Re: Based cameraman knew what the real shot was...


Women writing code reminds me of women playing football (soccer) alongside boys. There is a big incentive to have them there to show that men and women are the same, which, if that's the case, why do you need women there if they're just the same as men? Also, the momentum is to encourage them, to reward them for joining in, to mollycoddle them, to patronize them, to suck up to them.

On the other hand, men who try to get into "women's stuff" like teaching children are considered to be paedos. And are usually better teachers to boot.


Come to think of it, all the good teachers I had growing up were male. They just seemed to be more calm than my female teachers who seemed to be more neurotic and unpredictable.

Enjoyed ur livestream btw, listening to that Irish chad at the end was a srsly brutal moment that I’m still recovering from. When ur an incel that doesn’t get out much it’s hard to believe there are chads in the surrounding area living ur dream life. But they definitely exist. Looking forward to ur next one.



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