MasterShortStuff #sexist

Re: What a foid at my uni liked on instagram...they put the "asshole" at the end to pretend like its the behavior of the guy that's turning them off instead of only saying its because of his looks


Foids try so fucking hard to not admit the truth about why they find certain men unattractive. All the evidence is there that looks btfos personality yet they keep trying to gaslight and push their "women are wonderful" narrative.

I really don't know what is wrong with their lizard brains that prevents them from ever being honest. No matter how much evidence there is against them they will always try to maintain their shitty little lies at all costs... and the worst part is that many modern men actually fall for their bullshit too.

Women are the masters of virtue signaling, they don't admit the truth because they don't want to be seen as rude reptiles (which they are) while inside they know that they despise unattractive males no matter what personality they have

No, they're not masters of virtue signaling. They fucking suck at it... Anyone with half a brain can easily tell it's all lies. If you look for even a second at her actions instead of her words it becomes painfully obvious that their virtue signaling is complete and utter bullshit...

Really I'm the most angry at the cucks that are retarded enough to actually fall for women's cheap little lies.



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