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what are you babbling about you brainwashed drone. there is no such thing as "harsh" or "hard" capitalism.

corruption is NOT capitalism. listen... all the "lost jobs" they are speaking of... is a DIRECT RESULT of liberal policies and regulations forced by obama. policies that were MEANT to make it impossible for these companies to exist.

do you understand? all these peoples destroyed lives were BY DESIGN. this isnt even socialism.... it was all done in the name of ideological lipservice for extremists who would not be effected by it. get over your brainwashing. liberals CREATE NOTHING. democrats or republicans CREATE NOTHING.

do you want people to HAVE jobs? then you need business for it. there is no "contradiction" here.

liberals take from those who produce and give to those who dont...that is the their base. keeping people in dependence and servility. the right simply looks to ENABLE capitalism, to ENABLE the creation of business and therefore jobs.

socialism DOES NOT WORK, it works nowhere. anywhere it exists with "success" is because you have CAPITALISM propping it up.

thats your BRAINWASHING at word as you think there are different "kinds" of capitalism... there isnt. thats just your way of trying legitimize the failed scheme that socialism is. its NEVER worked ANYWHERE.

capitalism is the ONLY system on earth that has ever managed to create a large middle class.

socialism can ONLY create a third world state.... an elite upper class consisting of the wealthy and the liberal elite.....and then everyone else.



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