Djdj Jdjd #sexist

Yeah... Justin is definitely not the man for the job, in fact I doubt there's a man alive that would ever do more than the basic minimum when it comes to fighting for women's rights and liberation. After all, the patriarchy makes it very comfortable and is very beneficial to the male sex. Not many are actually all that interested in dismantling it no matter how they act like they are.

I really wish women would stop trying to include men in feminism, and that means the guys who pretend they want to be included too. We've tried for centuries to change them, to teach them how to be decent towards the other half of the world's population, but there's so few who want to change and our time and efforts just end up wasted.

We need to put all our focus on women, build up their strength so that they are strong enough to put up a fight against the patriarchy on at least an individual basis which in turn will eventually snowball into a more collective organizing of women around the world. Feminism is not for teaching men how to be human, it's to stop their dehumanization of women.



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