Anna Diehl #fundie

[About Deut. 22:28-29]

This is the verse that we find so particularly troublesome. And of course in our minds, we have already decided that the virgin was some sweet, innocent flower while the rapist was some sadistic creep. So when God commands these two to marry, all we see is Him grinding innocence into the dirt and casting some poor girl into the hands of a cruel abuser for the rest of her days while He turns His back on her tears. Conclusion: God is a jerk.

So what would it look like for God not to be a jerk? The rapist should get executed of course—that’s what most women would say today. In other words, society should treat rape like an unpardonable sin. Well, if women get to make this call, then men should get to throw something in as well. All these married women today who go flirting with other men in public—why should they get to be excused of their adulterous behavior? Just because they can’t physically force a man to have sex with them hardly means they are innocent. Jesus said that lusting over a person in your heart is the same as sleeping with them. Just because women can’t physically overpower men hardly lessons their sins in God’s eyes, for He knows that women are doing the most damage that they can with the tools they have available. If they could easily rape men, they would. But since they can’t, their perverse desire for domination plays out in other forms, such as constantly withholding sex from their husbands as a means of controlling them. The reality is that each gender is constantly looking for ways to inflict misery on the other one.


So let’s consider things from the rapist’s point of view. A man who rapes a woman is not a lower life form, he is simply a human being with some serious issues. Who in this world can claim they don’t have issues?


Now you’re a young virgin living on your father’s farm. One day a man comes along, sees you, and rapes you. By the time your fathers and brothers come to your rescue it’s too late. You have been permanently soiled, and thanks to this jerk, you no longer qualify as a woman who is eligible to marry. First time sex is supposed to be a consummation of marriage, but your rapist was trying to steal the fun part without having to pay the price of hard work and commitment. This is where Yahweh intervenes on your behalf. He commands your rapist to marry you. The man is not going to get away with just skipping off and leaving you with the stigma of a woman who has slept around. The man will now have to take you as his wife and share his inheritance with you. And if you’re now pregnant, your child is not going to be left as some fatherless bastard. Because Yahweh makes your rapist take responsibility for what he’s done, He really takes the fun out of rape, which in turn causes a lot fewer men to try it.



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