mgrobertson79 #fundie

[In response to "Some of the comments on this thread serve as evidence that laws protecting the rights of gays are sorely needed."]

They do not deserve nor should they get special treatment for their sexual deviancy. There is nothing that makes them special. I think we need a law that makes us all equal. Oh wait, we have that already. This is a load of bull stuff and I am surprised anyone is buying in to it. Homosexuality is a mental disorder, it was listed as such until about 40 years ago and nothing with the behavior has changed. No one is born gay or lesbian, it is a conscious choice made and a habit acquired though those choices. The Church says it is intrinsically disordered and I will not adjust my views from that because some politician's or group of liberal no it alls say so. I don't hate gays, I only wish they would stop acting like they are better than everyone else as well as shoving their sexuality on the world, it's beyond old now.



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