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I personally believe that UFO sightings which are not accountable for under natural causes or of earthly construction are demonic. In the case of visible sightings of physical air/space crafts, why are the pilots of these crafts, (if they are occupied that is,) so very consistently illusive? If they are occupied by intelligent, higher order beings from within, (or even perhaps from without,) our galaxy, then they of necessity possess an impressive degree of profound intelligence, so then why are they not acting intelligently with us? They obviously are aware that they are at the 3'rd planet from our sun (!!!), and must surely also know that we know that they are here, so why continue to play this childish game of hide and seek as though they were still trying to keep their presence here a secret, when it should be clear to them by now that their presence has long been known? They seem to, (at times at least,) allow for their crafts to be visibly seen by humanity over populated areas, while almost never allowing the occupants themselves to be seen....why? Why do they almost invariably allow for the crafts to be seen but not the operators of those crafts? If they were manned by spirits from hell though, this terrible possibility would instantly explain for their reluctance to have what is inside of the crafts identified. And, from what I have learned so far of how demons operate in general...they all tend to be very, very illusive, and for a very good reason.



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