Anna Diehl #fundie

[Note: this is her response to someone asking her for help with their depression, which was caused by witnessing a close friend get raped]

God has intentionally blasted you with a very disturbing sequence of events–events which He says are wise and good. Your friend didn’t get raped by accident. He coordinated the whole thing. Why? Because He loves your friend a whole lot more than you do, and He is intentionally throwing her life into turmoil to motivate her to get into her own theological crisis and submit to Him. You see all of this, and it raises up serious doubts about God’s goodness. Fine. But now the challenge for you is this: you’re a powerless speck. He’s God Almighty. He can rip lives apart and you can do nothing to stop Him. He can turn your depression on and off like water from a faucet, so how much are you going to let your approval of Him weigh in on your decision to submit to Him? Saying, “I don’t get what You just did, God. It seems horrible and cruel and it makes me worry that You’re some kind of Ogre,” is honest, and honesty is critical. But reverence will then add, “However, I also recognize that You are God and I am a powerless speck who depends on You for everything. I don’t like what You’re doing, but how stupid would I have to be to defy Your Authority? I can’t escape Your domination–You’re God. Help me to be what You want, because there is no other option.” This is how reverence drives us to submission, and submission then leads to revelations about God’s goodness. But it starts with reverence, and reverence is a fearful respect for God’s awesome power. For you, there are many important lessons to learn in all of this.



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