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Non/Anti-Catholics please skip this thread. I have no interest in debating the Catholic faith with those who despise or reject it.

As long time members/lurkers know, I am a TRADITIONALIST PRE-VATICAN II Catholic. Or, what was until the 1960's known as a regular Catholic.

I've long described myself as 99.999% Sedevacantist, because while it has been clear for almost five decades that the 'new' Catholic church celebrating the 'new mass' has strayed mightily from the TRUE teachings and the TRUE Mass set down for all time at the Council of Trent, I always held out hope that God had somehow managed to maintain the succession of the throne of St. Peter even through the tumult of the latter half of the 20th century.

Of course, mystics and visionaries through the centuries have written about a time when a false and evil 'church' would occupy the Vatican and that the 'true' Pope would be concealed, I've always hoped that they were NOT speaking of the present Novus Ordo/nervous disorder (ahem) 'Catholic' church...

Well, today that very last little speck of hope in me died.

'Pope' Francis today directly contradicted Pope Pius XI's DIVINI REDEMPTORIS with his Marxist attack on the greatest engine of wealth the world has ever seen - the free market! Since PREVIOUS Popes have declared Marxism incompatible with true Catholicism (and it IS!), it is a settled matter, and yet Mr. Bergoglio (the pretender to the throne of St. Peter who styles himself Pope Francis) presumes to advocate for Marxism!

Clearly Mr. Bergoglio did not pay attention to what has been done to his native Argentina by the Marxist/Feminist (sorry for the unnecessary double labeling there) President Kirchner, and the condition of the poor in his home town of Buenos Aires, much less the total elimination of the middle class and wealthy by the vile machinations of this sadistic statist ****.

Anyway, there is no point to this rant other than to say that it is now clear to me that the throne of St. Peter has been vacant since the (ahem) selection of (ahem) 'Pope' John XXIII, since a heretic cannot be Pope according to long standing Catholic law, and every man who's presumed to use the title of 'Pope' since then has been a manifest ****ing heretic (with the possible exception of the conveniently murdered John Paul I.)




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