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Teacher who seduced 13-year-old student with saucy yoga selfies facing jail time

I don't really see a problem with this. I'm not sure I can quite put my finger on where the damage is being done. Perhaps by the society that condemns them.

Yup, society seems to have a super-hate against something even if it causes no damage and no one was harmed. This kid wasn't raped. It was mutual and it should be up to the parents to decide if they want to press charges against her or not. Is this kid going to end up on pills in a mental institution because of this? No.

When I was 13 about half my friends had already had oral sex and about half of those had sex. Saying a 13 year old doesn't understand sex is just a complete joke. Even today, 13 year olds are raising entire families in some countries, and even in the earlier days of the USA a 13 year old getting married and having a family was not uncommon.

Society makes sex out to be way bigger deal than it really is, and tends to think kids are dumber than they really are. When a 15 year old kills someone, they are deemed smart enough to be charged as an adult... but when it comes to sex they aren't smart enough to comprehend that. Some real screwed up laws and viewpoints out there in my opinion.

A teenager having mutual safe sex isn't going to change or affect them. I don't view it as rape when it's mutual, I view it as an adult making a bad choice. The parents should be able to press charges and get a restraining order, and she should never be able to teach again, but ruining someone's life over this is a joke.

If someone wants to translate that into pedo supporter, than whatever, just proving how dense some people are when it comes to this topic. Plus by definiton this is ephebophilia, but society will label it as pedophilia. Grouping this women with the same people who rape 2 year olds is not OK. Pedos who act on their desires deserve the death sentence, but this women is not a pedo.

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was waiting for the pedo defense brigade to arrive.

See? Get your definitions right.

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This might be just me, but when I was a 13yo kid, I knew exactly which girl I liked and why I liked her and what I could've done if she liked me too. Regardless of what anyone gave me, told me and so on. If you didn't have a similar experience, that speaks very very bad about you....

I'd imagine kids even younger know fully about sex now. With smart phones and the internet easily accessible everywhere it's not hard. I didn't even have those things as a kid, and I knew about sex well before 13. I knew how to do it, and I knew that consequences of it. I remember when I was 9-10, I had 3 close friends that were girls, and we knew exactly what we could do. We just had no interest in it because it sounded gross.
Much of society is living in this bubble that kids are innocent and know nothing about these things.pb] As a parent, I understand wanting to think that but I am a realistic person. I know my 14 year old is sexually active because they tell mep, and I taught them it's fine as long as they do it safely. I don't make it out to be some super taboo thing because then they don't ask questions, and could end up doing unsafe things.



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