servant100 #fundie

As a Christian, I am appalled…Yes I love the homosexuals as people…but hate that sin…just like sex outside of marriage, cursing..etc. Homosexuality is not a genetic imperative…there is absolutely no scientific basis for that finding…just thinly disguised activist propoganda. This one is absolutely one of the worst decisions in SCOTUS history…and worse than the dred scott decision, Make no mistake, this is about children…this legitimizes the predatory use of third world breeding factories to supply the children for homosexual unions….This opens the door for ANYTHING to be viewed as marriage…now you will have polyandry, pologemy, marriage with animals and humans…etc…because once you leave the scriptural concepts of marriage that have existed for over 6 thousand years…you create a wasteland based on popular opinion rather than divine principle…

With this one, we reach the final stage of moral implosion…with this we will rapidly see open persecution of Christian pastors who preach the open truth from scripture on this subject as being the newly adopted term “homophobe”…whatever that waste of words defines it as at least.

This one confirms the end of the American Republic….there will be no more freedom of speech, freedom of religion…Our founding fathers expressed this nightmare in the Federalist Papers…a tyrannical central government …that will break eggs soon to make their utopian omlet..



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