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[Quote : Iosef Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung and Saloth Sar did not commit any of their atrocities in the name of atheism.]

But they WERE atheists! I find it amazing how people like Lanny and you will say that Christianity was the reason that the Nazis killed the Jews, but when it comes to your side, well that's different. Their atheist ideology affected their actions. If atheism was the pure and peaceful philosophy that you claim it is, then atheists wouldn't be this violent. Whether they did it in the name of atheism or not is completely beside the point. THEY DID IT.

[Quote : Another mistake you are making is thinking that atheism is a monolithic bloc. All atheism is is the non-belief in deities.]

How many times do i need to say this. PEOPLE USE PHILOSOPHIES AND IDEOLOGY TO JUSTIFY DOING THINGS THEY WOULD OTHERWISE SEE AS WRONG. Religion is a convenient justification for such deeds. While atheism does not nearly provide the covering that religion does, it HAS BEENN USED AS A JUSTIFICATION FOR ATROCITIES IN THE PAST. Those atheist dictators I mentioned earlier 'exterminated' religious people on the belief that their allegiance to their gods could cause resistance to the state. Atheism was preached as the state religion because people who believed it would be, in their opinions, easier to control. Go ahead, deny it. You will only prove that you are a revisionist historian who thinks he has all the answers. Your BA in history doesn't make you an expert, my friend.

[Quote : Your conclusions regarding the actions of Stalin, Mao, Hoxha and Pol Pot are just as biased as mine.]

Defend the gods of atheism at all costs. You are pathetic, dude!



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