NicholasMarks #fundie

I will help you horsethorn because I am trained to get a point across to an intransigent mind. The scientific evidence is overwhelming…something is happening which defies normal scientific logic but burying our head is no longer an option. There is too much horror and terror in the world to ignore the fact that a higher authority has us in its sights…and there are many around the world whose first words will be…’Thank God.’

Ufos are a fact of life…take it or leave it. They work by doing what Bruce Gernon did only with a little more scientific input. They become divorced from the gravity that imprisons us and become universal wonderers via the 'static zone' alluded to in the opening post and thereby see the MilkyWay, in its entirety, zooming past them at the speed of the expanding universe and nowhere is beyond their reach.

The only authority that we know of that yields this sort of power is Almighty God and his manual, on good behaviour, delivered to us by Jesus Christ, will also deliver our own individual accreditation into his wonderful new system of things.



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